Sept 14 - Oct 21

Class held at Stomp and Shout on Wed & Fri mornings.

"Funny Furry" Secret Box
Mixed-Age Expressive Art for children 18 months-6 years old

Benz Amatayakul Kuipers (Founder) has had a lifelong passion for children's books, storytelling, and creativity. Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, she now calls Chicago home. For the past 5 years, Benz has been busy being a mom of two boys and running "Tiny Tree",  an Early Childhood book publisher in Thailand. Together with her partners, she has written and launched nine board books to stimulate the love of reading in babies and children.

Benz came up with the idea to launch "Untaught Art Workshops" after she took on another learning adventure at Open Studio Project (OSP) in Evanston. OSP introduced her to Expressive Art, a different and liberating way of making art. She felt inspired to introduce Expressive Art to a broader audience, especially children. She believes creativity can have a place in everyone's life and will strive to make Untaught Art Workshops an inspiring experience for all.


Explore. connect. create. 

the green explorers club explores sustainability through hands on experiments and activities to demonstrate the importance of responsible stewardship. as climate change continues to alter the planet, it is crucial that we equip future generations with the tools they need to sustain the planet.Check out the upcoming workshop offerings at Stomp And shout -- tree identification, Public transportation, & more! 


Sept 24 - Nov 19

Class held at Stomp and Shout on Sat Afternoons


Third coast birth services is a community of professionals who share the goal of surrounding parents with support throughout pregnancy, birth, and the first three years of life. with different skill sets, backgrounds, and specialties, they are able to come together to provide a comprehensive support team, consisting of childbirth education, labor support, postpartum support, and new parent groups. founded by shawna mertens and margarita Valbuena, third coast was created    with community in mind, and that community is
the heart of everything they do. They provide families
with an unbiased, compassionate, collaborative approach
to birth and parenting support.

FALL Events at Stomp and Shout

Third coasts guide to Childbirth
Sept 13 - Oct 18: 6:30 to 8:30
Nov 1 - Dec 6: 6:30 to 8:30

CHicago New Parents Group: six week series
Nov 3 - Dec 15 2:00 to 3:30



Alex's Music Studio - A JOYFUL space filled with joyful people. Instrument lessons of all kinds, classes, birthday parties, you name it, Alex's offers it!

Jookie - Inspiring, thoughtful, fun, exciting....all of the words (plus many more) that describe the jookie experience. Jill has a way with kids that is unparalleled and she makes the grownups feel pretty special, too. 2 huge thumbs up! 

Play - The baddest toy store in town. Seriously. Why aren't you there right now?


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