Stomp And Shout is a two year music and creative play program for kids ages 0 - 4 years old.  A student can enter at any time. The session focus and materials change every 8 -12 weeks! At the center of a Stomp And Shout class is music! Music helps develop language skills, develops self esteem, develops listening and math skills, and gives us an amazing foundation to explore using our big beautiful imaginations. We'll go on adventures, move our bodies in cool kid ways, imagine ourselves as different people, make stories sing, and jam-out on our instruments.  If they're lucky, we'll let the grownups come along for the ride!

A Stomp and Shout class teaches the language of imagination to both grown up and child and encourages the learning to extend far beyond class. Included in your session price are music downloads, and Play At Home Packet chock full of Stomp and Shout sheet music, coloring pages featuring the current session's cast of characters, ideas to engage both parent and child in imaginative adventures at home, and insights and tidbits about raising a creative child.




10 Week Fall Session 
September 18 - December 1
(no class Thanksgiving Week) 

**Register by August 1st and get 3 BONUS classes for free!**
Bonus weeks are Sept 11, Dec 4, & Dec 11

1st Child: $225
Additional Siblings: $112.50



Available Fall, Winter, & Spring Sessions. 
This easy-breezy option is perfect for you if: 

1. You like the affordability of smaller payments -- nab that by choosing the Monthly Installment Plan

2. You're super busy. Super. Busy. And love the idea of not having to re-register for every session. With the Membership, we'll re-enroll you in your class, until you tell us differently. 

3. You're in it to win it and want to lock in last year's prices. 

4. You want special deals for family events at Stomp and Shout HQ.

5. You want to be awesome.


* 9 months of classes with a small monthly payment.
* Class savings! 
* Automatically enrolled all year long -- tell us if you need to make a change to your class day or time. 

1st Child: $69 / month. Your first payment is due upon sign up in the amount of $100. Thereafter, your card will automatically be debited on the 5th of each month September 2015  - May 2016. 
2 Child Fam: $103.50 / month (talk to us about additional siblings). Payment due upon sign up: $160.
Siblings 0 - 7 months: FREE! 


But, hold up! What if we move? Or nap times change? Or, or, or...
Simple! You can cancel your membership at any time with 30 days notice.


30 days written notice is needed to cancel your registration (requests need to be received by the 5th of month to be in effect for the following month).  No Cancellations within the first 30 days or last 30 days of the school year.